Two women of diverse backgrounds stand together smiling
Associate Professor Lorena Márquez of Chicana/o/x Studies (left), author of the book "La Gente: Struggles for Empowerment and Community Self-Determination in Sacramento," stands with staff member Yajaira Ramírez Sigala on the UC Davis campus.

A Renewed Emphasis on Diversity in Faculty Hiring

Quick Summary

  • Faculty members with diverse perspectives are needed to solve serious problems
  • Those issues, dubbed “wicked problems,” include the UC Davis Grand Challenges
  • Hiring will continue to be overseen by colleges and departments

Seeking 100 Great Thinkers to Solve Wicked Problems

UC Davis is embracing the philosophy that the world’s most serious problems can be solved only by people with a wide variety of perspectives, and is encouraging colleges and schools all over campus to infuse their recruitments for new faculty members with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The ensuing new faculty members, 100 to start with, will bring their diverse and transdisciplinary approaches to bear on UC Davis’ Grand Challenges — serious problems that include sustainable food systems, reimagining the land grant university, climate crisis and emerging health threats.

UC Davis has a rich history of recruiting and supporting faculty members who bring a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences, and we know that our university will continue to be strengthened by the presence of the new faculty who will join us. —Vice Chancellor Renetta Tull

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