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DEI-HDT Initiatives

DEI-HDT Initiatives and Healthy Davis Together (HDT)

Healthy Davis Together (HDT) is a joint project between the City of Davis and UC Davis with a goal to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and facilitate a coordinated and gradual return to regular city activities and reintegration of UC Davis students back into the Davis community. Healthy Davis Together, brings together epidemiology and health promotion both in the city and on campus. 

DEI and HDT are partnering on four initiatives: Healthy Davis Together Communications and Development, Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion Education Training, and Social Entrepreneurship - Innovation and Service Funds. 

Healthy Davis Together Communications and Development 

The Healthy Davis Together team assists with the creation and development of branding and marketing campaigns that support collectivist and collaborative action, including de-escalation and upstander training. Alongside this work, we develop content for collective responsibility through in-person and virtual campaigns for safety (e.g. face-covering and physical distancing) in response to mitigating issues related to the current pandemic and promoting a safe and healthy campus.

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To learn more about the Healthy Davis Together Communications and Development Initiative, click here.

Mental Health 

Healthy Davis Together and Each Aggie Matters Mental Health Movement are providing support for mental health needs specifically due to the impacts of the pandemic both on and off-campus and to ensure that the communities in need are supported and well-served. Both campaigns are offering wellness resources and professional support. 



To learn more about the Mental Health Initiative, click here. 

Diversity & Inclusion Education and Training 

The Diversity & Inclusion Education and Training, a unit within Campus Climate & Inclusion Initiatives (C2I2) in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion provides workshops, presentations, courses, trainings, seminars, and other educational initiatives for staff, faculty, and students to foster an inclusive climate and promote the understanding of the UC Davis Principles of Community. 

To learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Education and Training Initiative, click here. 

Social Entrepreneurship - Innovation and Service Funds 

The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative provides opportunities for students to develop COVID-19 solutions in partnership with campus and community organizations. These projects include improving campus responses to COVID and serving the needs of diverse communities through working with community organizations in Davis. For Spring Quarter 2021, this initiative offers a variety of programs including Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Academy, Directed Group Study Class, and Little Bang Poster Competition. 

More information about the Social Entrepreneurship - Innovation and Service Funds Initiative coming soon.