César Chávez Youth Leadership Conference

#CCYLC2024 | 8 am-3pm | Saturday, March 16

Join us for the César Chávez Youth Leadership Conference and Celebration, a free college and career motivational event for junior high, high school and community college students, as well as parents and community members! 

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Headshot of Andres P Chavez smiling and wearing a blue blazer over an open-collared white shirt.

Andres P. Chávez, Keynote Speaker

This year's event will feature a keynote by Andres P. Chávez, the grandson of César Chávez, pictured above.

  • College admissions requirements and application process
  • Information on the new FAFSA
  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Workshops on healthcare and STEM career preparation
  • College resource fair
  • UC Davis campus tours
  • Live cultural entertainment, music and performances
  • Free admission
  • ...and more!

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CCYLC takes place at the University Credit Union Center located on the main UC Davis campus in Davis, California at 750 Orchard Road, Davis, CA 95616. Parking is freeClick here for directions to the University Credit Union Center.


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  • Do I have to pre-register or are walk-ins allowed?
  • We recommend that everyone pre-register for the event. Entrance by walk-ins, and those who didn’t register before March 1, will only be allowed and it is subject to available space.
  • Which of my students I should I invite?
  • We ask that you extend this invitation to all of your students, regardless of their academic standing. Our goal is to ensure that communities that are currently underrepresented in our higher education system, such as men of color and people from the LGBTQ community, have access to any of our California colleges, which include community colleges, California State Universities, Universities of California and Private institutions.
  • How can I find out which students from my school are attending?
  • Once students are registered, the CCYLC Steering Committee will send a list of participants from each school to the chaperones.


The César Chávez Youth Leadership Conference and Celebration is a free college and career motivational event for junior high, high school and community college students, as well as parents and community members.  The goal of this annual conference is to introduce the value of attending college - particularly to individuals who may not be considering higher education due to lack of information or financial resources. 

Each year, the conference delivers an engaging program that:

  • Nurtures the concept that all individuals are leaders;
  • Provides information on the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) admission requirements;
  • Provides information on the California Community College (CCC) matriculation and enrollment process; and
  • Introduces college success resources and career workforce opportunities in STEM in the public and the private sector.

This free conference averages over 1800 attendees each year, from predominantly low-income and underrepresented backgrounds. Attendees leave empowered, believing they can achieve their goals and knowing the resources available to them to do so.