Under the green "Welcome" pop up tent, students mooove in, overseen by a banner with a cow wearing an aggie shirt, pushing a move-in cart.


Engage. Equip. Empower. Elevate


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a division at UC Davis that leads and strengthens the efforts of the UC Davis community to realize our collective vision of excellence in which people from all backgrounds thrive. Our UC Davis community includes faculty, staff, and students, at all UC Davis locations, including laboratories, clinical services, and centers across California. 

We ENGAGE all to participate in generating ideas and taking action. We EQUIP stakeholders to embed the structure, values and resources for DEI in their work, and we serve as a hub for DEI innovation. We EMPOWER people to launch DEI practice for their work, learning, growth, and community spaces. We ELEVATE the contributions of our DEI champions through recognition, awards and dissemination.  

We invite our broader community (patients and their families, prospective students and their families, and our community and institutional partners) to partner with us to realize this vision


The University of California Diversity Statement and UC Davis Principles of Community are our essential guides to the work ahead of us. 

History matters*

We cannot advance without knowing where we came from, including acknowledging the land on which we do our work. We also celebrate the pioneers and pioneering work that serves as the foundation for our ongoing efforts. View a timeline on the history of DEI at UC Davis. 

*History Matters connects to the 5 Pedagogical Stances (5PS) Framework for history, race, justice, language, and futures (In Restorative Justice in Education, Winn, M.T., and Winn, L. T., 2021).


Learn more about what the terms diversity, equity and inclusion mean to UC Davis. 

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The cement pathway through the UC Davis quad is lined with trees and banners that say "One of a kind like you." Students gather in groups, pairs, or individually, with bikes, talking on phones, greeting each other

There are a multitude of ways to discover the value of diversity and inclusion at UC Davis. Browse our site to find resources and communities, take professional classes in DEI, and gain the tools to implement equity and inclusion across the campus.