Faculty Retention and Inclusive Excellence Networks—Designing Solutions (FRIENDS)

July 2021–History Professors Lisa G. Materson and Corrie Decker were selected to pilot the Workplace Climate Action Group with the remaining funds ($100,000) of the FRIENDS grant. Please read the complete announcement here. 

In February 2020, a group of committed UC Davis faculty joined together in a Community of Practice to address the pressing problems presented to Associate Professors revealed in the COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey. The findings of their year-long inquiry were presented to the public on Monday, April 5, 2021. Below you will find a recording of the event, the presentation slides, and research referenced over the course of the presentations.

Download a PDF of the Presentation Program

Presentation Slides
Reading and Reference Materials
Next Steps: Funding Solutions

The money received as part of this Advancing Faculty Diversity grant was divided into two parts: the first part funded the Communities of Practice that met over the previous year to discuss the themes and devise solutions that could be implemented by faculty; the second part, totaling $100,000, has been reserved to fund those proposed solutions that faculty wish to apply for funding to implement over the AY2021-22. The Principal Investigators agreed upon a process to solicit Letters of Interest from faculty who will then be invited to submit a complete application due in late June. You can find the details of the funding request here.