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Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) Initiative

About the Initiative

The Gender Recognition & Lived Name (GRLN) Initiative was created to address systemic inequities faced by our trans and non-binary community on campus and to implement the UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy. This system-wide policy ensures that all students, faculty, staff and alumni have university-issued identification documents and displays of personal identification information that recognize their accurate gender identity and lived name. 

Updating Your Lived Name and Gender Marker

Implementation of the initiative is an on-going process. Not all systems and resources are available yet.

This initiative involves extensive cross-campus collaboration to effectively develop and implement changes to IT systems, policies, training resources and support structures for faculty, staff and students. The GRLN Policy Implementation Committee is continuing to work diligently to fulfill the recommendations of the GRLN Task Force's Report and comply with UC's Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy

The display of lived name is limited until the project is completed. Per UC policy, these changes  apply to all individuals in the UC Davis community and must be fully implemented by June 30, 2024.

While not all actionable aspects are available yet, we recognize that this work is essential to supporting the well-being of our trans and non-binary campus community members and will be keeping these pages up-to-date with the most current information. 

Updated 3/28/23.

View Gender Recognition and Lived Name Resources and Support

Resources includes:

  • Students' Rights Toolkit
  • HR Resources for Trans and Non-binary Employees
  • HR Information for Supervisors
  • Courses and Workshops
  • Counseling, Centers, Assistance, How to Report an Incident
  • GRLN Glossary