DEI Strategic Investments

Investments in DEI at UC Davis

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of UC Davis’s core values

Aggies don’t just say the right thing–we do the right thing. We act towards creating and maintaining a vibrant community where everyone can bring their full selves and talents to our university and thrive.

Now, as we set our sights on the future, we are reminded that the only progress worth making is progress that allows everyone to prosper.

Aggies who have already acted

UC Davis has made a number of investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and there are additional strategic investments planned for the future in an effort to develop a more inclusive campus community. The "UC Davis Strategic Investments" document shares just some of the many investments that have been made to support our communities, particularly in light of the need to address implicit and explicit bias, racism, and structural inequalities.

The university developed a Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Vision (D&ISV) in 2017, and a campus-wide strategic plan, “To Boldly Go” (TBG), in 2018.  The list of examples shares some of the recent ways that the campus is being accountable to its plans. In this document, Goals 1-5 reflect the intersection of TBG and the D&ISV, e.g., 1) Support for Students, 2) Faculty and Staff, 3) Opportunity Gap/Climate, 4) Research, Teaching, Public Service, and Training, and 5) Community and Accountability.

These are just a few of the ways we Aggies are speaking with our actions.

You can download a PDF of the entire document here.