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Implementing the DEI Strategic Vision

Put Vision Into Action

Start here to implement the DEI Strategic Vision in your campus unit or organization

  • Our aim in the VC-DEI office is to assist every unit on campus to embed DEI goals and values in their organization—in long-range and short-term plans, in budget asks, in professional development, in culture and organizational structure, in policies and practices, in hiring protocol, and beyond.

To Boldly Go, is a mandate for equity, as we strongly believe that our campus can be that ideal university that embraces and values diversity, practices and continuously improves upon inclusive excellence, and strives to intentionally embed equity into the fabric of the institution. 

We value ally statements, while also recognizing that those statements must be followed by action.

The singular actions that follow statements can be a step toward a long-term commitment; commitments need to be codified; and all individuals must see how their role fits into the plan and how they will be held accountable for seeing it through.

We all play an integral role in supporting each other and our diverse community.  

We believe that organizations will take away from this process what they have put in; that all members of the organization should be included in every discussion of diversity across all social identities; and that members of the organization, individually and collectively hold the responsibility and obligation within a sphere of influence.