Joanna Regulska in conversation with attendees at a reception

DEI Executive Leadership Team

Diversity & Inclusion Executive Leadership Team

The foundational purpose behind establishing the Executive Leadership Team (DEI-ELT) is to ensure the coordination of diversity, equity and inclusion activities across the UC Davis and UCD Health campuses and to have a unified advisory body made up of key leaders who oversee academic, staff, and student diversity, equity, inclusion and climate issues.

In particular, the team provides advice on:

  • Establishing professional standards and expectations for equity.
  • Sharing and sustaining campus values and goals around DEI and social justice.
  • Programs, projects, initiatives, or topics in need of senior leadership support or endorsement.
  • Legal, political, and economic issues that affect our campus with respect to DEI and social justice.
  • Reinforcing success and sharing of best practices.

DEI-ELT Members:

Atkinson, Sheri
Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services

Allison Brashear
Dean, School of Medicine

Broome, Beth
Senior Advisor to the Provost STEM Strategies, Office of the Chancellor and Provost

Catron, Susan
Dean, Continuing and Professional Education

Cavanaugh, Stephen
Dean, School of Nursing

Cerruti, Laura
Chief Impact Officer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Delmendo, Wendi
Chief Compliance Officer, Office of the Chancellor and Provost

Delplanque, Jean-Pierre
Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies

Dillard, Helene
Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Frasier, Helene
Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Pheneger, Christopher Nguyen
Interim Director, Campus and Community Relations, Office of Campus Community Relations

Johnson, Kevin
Dean, School of Law

Kass, Phil
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Kreuzer-Moore, Michelle A.
Executive Director, Enrollment Management, Continuing and Professional Education

Lagatutta, Kristin
Faculty Advisor to the Provost on Closing Student Achievement Gaps; Professor, Psychology and Center for Mind and Brain

Lairmore, Michael D.
Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine

Lindstrom, Lauren
Dean, School of Education

Lovely, Christine
Chief Human Resources Officer

Murali, Viji
Vice Provost, Information and Educational Technology

Regulska, Joanna
Vice Provost and Dean of Global Affairs

Salon, Mabel
Interim Lead, Government and Community Relations

Singh, Binnie
Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Smit-McBride, Zeljka
Chair, Academic Federation

Ton, Hendry
Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Tull, Renetta (Chair)
Vice Chancellor, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Unnava, H. Rao
Dean, Graduate School of Management

Winey, Mark
Dean, College of Biological Sciences