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CAMPOS Leadership

Mary Lou de Leon Siantz
Mary Lou de Leon siantz

CAMPOS Founding Faculty Director, Emeritus

Mary Lou de Leon Siantz is a professor emeritus at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis and founding director of the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science (CAMPOS). She is nationally recognized for her interdisciplinary efforts to prepare health and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals in leadership and policy, as well as internationally respected for her research in migrant population health.

Mariel Vazquez

CAMPOS Faculty Director; CAMPOS Faculty Scholar (2014-15 Cohort)

Mariel VazquezProfessor Vazquez holds a joint appointment in the Department of Mathematics (College of Letters and Sciences) and the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (College of Biological Sciences). Her research lies at the interface of mathematics, polymer physics, and molecular biology. She specialize in the application of topological tools to study DNA. Her work is currently focused on two lines of inquiry: (1) DNA Topology: the mechanism of site-specific recombination, topoisomerase action, and the packing of chromosomes in human cells and viral capsids; using mathematical tools including know theory, low-dimensional topology, and Monte Carlo simulations; and (2) Chromosomal Aberrations and Cancer: analysis of cancer genomic data and mechanisms of repair pathways; using biophysical models, graph theory, and topological data analysis.

Dr. Vazquez takes over from Founding Director, Dr. Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, professor emeritus at the Betty Irene More School of Nursing at UC Davis Health.

Read more about Dr. Vazquez's work here: "Discovering Curiosity: The Tangled Fate of Math and Biology with Professor Mariel Vazquez"

Thomas O'Donnell

Principal Analyst

Tom O'Donnell

Tom first started working on diversity and inclusion issues at UC Davis in May 2015 when he was recruited to a be graduate student researcher on the Chancellor's Strategic Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion Task Force that culminated with the publication of a comprehensive report in 2017 and the creation of the Vice Chancellor's Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He currently works as a part-time analyst in that office providing policy research and project management. Tom also designed and maintains the office's website.

Prior to joining UC Davis as career staff, he taught U.S. History and U.S. Women's History at Sierra College.

He received is Ph.D. in history from UC Davis in 2018.

Rosa Deniz

Program/Policy Analyst

Rosa Deniz was first hired under a one-year contract to serve as the Executive Assistant to the AVC-AD and to support the CAMPOS, CAMPSSAH faculty directors. Prior to joining UC Davis, Rosa worked at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law for 16 years as a Law Clerk and the latter five years she was the Legal Coordinator at the legal clinics. Previously, Rosa also worked for three years at a private law firm as an Executive Assistant/Paralegal.