Diversity Awareness Workshop

Diversity Awareness Workshop

Diversity Awareness Workshop

The Diversity Awareness Workshop (DAW) is a two-day immersive experience open to all UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees with the goal of building awareness about the diversity of the UC Davis campus community and engaging in conversations around what is necessary for cultivating a more inclusive and welcoming campus for everyone. DAW provides an in-depth exploration of issues regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion and engages participants in dialogue aimed at increasing awareness of and sensitivity to diversity.  Participants have the opportunity to discuss ways to operationalize the UC Davis Principles of Community and explore concepts related to social justice, equity, and inclusion, and how discuss opportunities and practices for dismantling oppression and addressing prejudice and discrimination. 

DAW is a two-day workshop scheduled from 8:30am to 5:00pm both days and participants are expected to attend the full time during both days. Continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided throughout. Dress is casual, and participants are recommended to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers or other comfortable footwear. There is no cost for the workshop. Release time is appropriate for this professional development opportunity. 


If you are interested in participating, please complete the Participant Interest Form linked below. 

Participant Interest Form 

Individuals who have completed the Participant Interest Form and have been selected to attend will receive a confirmation letter via email with additional information regarding enrollment. Individuals must verify attendance by the specified deadline provided in the confirmation letter in order to finalize enrollment. Those who were not selected will receive notification and be placed on a priority list for the next scheduled DAW. 

Sample DAW Schedule

  • Day 1
  • - Welcome and Introductions (continental breakfast provided) 
    - Community Building
    - Activity
    - Lunch (provided) 
    - Film Screening
    - Activity
    - Group Discussion 
    - Day 1 Closing 

  • Day 2
  • - Welcome (continental breakfast provided)
    - Group Discussion & Debrief
    - Film Screening
    - Activity
    - Lunch (provided)
    - Activity
    - Group Discussion 
    - Action Planning 
    - Closing and Appreciations 

Participant Testimonials

  • What participants have said about their DAW experience
  • "This was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge their own personal status quo. There is no way you can look at things the same after this workshop!” – Spring 2019

    “This should be a mandatory course for every career UCD employee” – Winter 2019

    “I loved this training. As the day got nearer I was dreading the time away from my work (as I am so behind), but I thought this was such a great experience. We are so intellectual and it was nice to have an opportunity to really connect with others, and many who I would not ever have met otherwise. Thank you so much for this great experience.” – Fall 2018

For Questions

For questions regarding DAW, please contact us at diversityeducation@ucdavis.edu