UC Davis Receives NSF Funding to Expand Leadership Opportunities for Engineering Graduate Students

The NSF Broadening Participation in Engineering Award includes nearly $400,000 in funding which will bring an executive leadership program for engineering graduate students called PROMISE Engineering Institute Mentoring Academy (PEI-MA). Vice chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at UC Davis Renetta Garrison Tull is principal investigator of this project that also includes involvement from faculty at Stanford University and University of Maryland.

New CAMPSSAH Faculty Director: Professor Maxine Craig

Professor Maxine Craig, Ph.D. was recently appointed as new faculty director of the Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Social Science, Arts, and Humanities (CAMPSSAH). Craig is a professor in the sociology department and since 2020 has served that department as vice chair and director of the graduate program. Craig will take charge of a thriving and growing center on February 1, 2024  that now includes 24 Faculty Scholars from four colleges and schools and 12 departments across UC Davis.

Navigating Differences and Disruption with “Dialogues”

“Dialogues Across Difference,” a DEI initiative under the Office of Academic Diversity, advances faculty retention by addressing the negative impact of disruptive speech in learning environments. We are soliciting stories from UCD faculty and instructional staff about experiences with disruptive speech to explore solutions to this problem.

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CAMPOS and CAMPSSAH Induct 2022 Faculty Scholars

On November 4, members and supporters of CAMPOS and CAMPSSAH gathered in person at the Manetti Shrem Museum to welcome the two new cohorts of faculty scholars. Organized by the Office of Academic Diversity, the Induction Ceremony is an important time to foster a community among faculty and with the campus. The Office of Academic Diversity works to strengthen and diversify the academic pipeline at UC Davis. It develops programming to advance the recruitment, retention, and promotion of faculty members whose research, teaching, and service advances multicultural perspectives in all fields of studies.

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A Renewed Emphasis on Diversity in Faculty Hiring

UC Davis is embracing the philosophy that the world’s most serious problems can be solved only by people with a wide variety of perspectives, and is encouraging colleges and schools all over campus to infuse their recruitments for new faculty members with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. The ensuing new faculty members, 100 to start with, will bring their diverse and transdisciplinary approaches to bear on UC Davis’ Grand Challenges — serious problems that include sustainable food systems, reimagining the land grant university, climate crisis and emerging health threats.

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